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In the year 2000, Dr. Ilan Morad had an idea as to how to create what can be described as a functional Phage Display. With this idea he applied for the ITEK incubator in the Weizmann Science Park. Six years later, AEBi was able to prove that the novel technology, titled ‘SoAP’, really works.

Within the Phage Display family, and unlike other members of this family of technologies, AEBi’s platform provides functional leads to very difficult targets (functional leads – agonist, antagonist, inhibitor, etc.), not merely those that best bind with the target.

  • SoAP allows AEBi to develop drugs to many illnesses, among them cancer, and is expected to transform the drug discovery R&D phase by significantly reducing the attrition rate of new drug candidates
  • SoAP technology generates very specific lead compounds with greater functionality and improved pharmacological properties.
  • The sole external requirement in the screening process is a Defined Target (usually an illness-related protein).

SoAP's Advantages over existing technologies


Success Rate

Rapid isolation and identification of lead compounds. Our solution will hit and activate or deactivate any protein-based target.


Isolation of lead compounds from vast libraries. Dramatically expands the range of targets, to include even the most challenging ones.


Selection conditions can be alerted to isolate lead compounds with particular functional characteristics (agonist, antagonist, inhibitors, etc.). Unparalleled high "signal to noise" ratio.

Technical - what do we do differently?

AEBi Platform features: Each round has both affinity and efficacy properties.
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About Us

In the year 2000, Dr. Ilan Morad had an idea as to how to create what can be described as a functional Phage Display. With this idea he applied for the ITEK incubator in the Weizmann Science Park in Israel. Six years later, AEBi was able to prove that the novel technology, titled 'SoAP' (IP protected), really works. The platform is very flexible, exploiting combinatorial biology to discover new and better lead compounds to disease targets. The major advantage is that it can be used not only to find binders to known targets, but to select the best functional molecules among them. AEBi has been managed since then based on the idea that the ability to manipulate and design peptides has vastly superior advantages to many, existing and trajectory technologies of drug development. This idea is valid today as well.



Founder and CEO



Chairman of the Board



Chief Science Officer



Assistant to the chairman



The Richard Feynman principle

Focusing on the science & technology on the critical path to proof of concept

The Clayton Christensen principle

Don't water down the solution in order to generate Investor\Pharma\Media traction

The Capecchi principle

Research & Development of a comprehensive fundamental idea

Transparent Management practices

Private investors with a long term outlook, adhering in advance to the Company's goals and methods - The practical approach that worked for us.

We do not engage in Financial wizardry - No Debt, No Bank Credit, No Loans.

Our team are research scientists (Ph.D.) and are not attending Dr.

We are working now for the 20th year entering our 21th year of R&D effort (in June 2022).

We don’t have a Clinique and we can not advise nor refer to any specific case.

We initially intend to target: lung, colon, head & neck cancers.

The treatment, in any case, has to be individually adapted to the patient.

We are a small team and have an influx of e-mail.

We try to answer at least initial emails but can not promise it.

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