Curriculum Vitae

AEBi Chairman of the Board
  • Leading the balance: funding, IP approach, investor relations, R&D targets & business development activity.
Dan Aridor Holdings Ltd. Owner
  • Raising funds from the start up level and onward. Among the more notable transactions was provision of assistance to York Capital in the purchase of Psagot Ofek hedge funds (a transaction in the scope of over a quarter of a billion dollars). Involved in cutting-edge technology assessment and associated business plans.
Aridor & Shor Managing Partner
  • Developed marketing business plans and technical strategies for applied technologies for small to medium size companies.
Admati Research International Director
  • Managed all aspects of the day to day operations.
Mitzuv, Ltd. Senior Consultant
  • Designed multifaceted strategic plans.
SBD Strategic Business Development Consultant
  • Analyzed business performance of private & public companies and government controlled industries.
Israel Ministry of Defense Buyer
  • Procured military electronics equipment for the Israeli Air Force. Negotiated and closed multi-million dollar defense contracts.

Columbia Business School NY, USA

M.B.A. Student
  • Major in Finance.

Bar-Ilan University, Israel

  • Economics & Business Management Major One year concentration in Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

There is no clinical tryout at the moment of MuTaTo in Israel or outside of Israel.

Contact us at office@aebi-bio.com

Contact Us

    Our team are research scientists (Ph.D.) and are not attending Dr.

    We are working now for the 20th year entering our 21th year of R&D effort (in June 2022).

    We don’t have a Clinique and we can not advise nor refer to any specific case.

    We initially intend to target: lung, colon, head & neck cancers.

    The treatment, in any case, has to be individually adapted to the patient.

    We are a small team and have an influx of e-mail.

    We try to answer at least initial emails but can not promise it.

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