The sole external requirement in the screening process is a defined target - usually an illness-related protein.

Proof of concept

The great advantage of our platform is that it generates very specific and effective leads to any protein or part of a protein as a target. What we need is a verified defined target (illness-related protein)

We will use our technology to isolate a therapeutic peptide.
One of the great advantages of our technology is the relative speed and the built-in success of the process.
It will take us about 6 months to get results (functional peptides, which will comprise the drug).
Usually we are also able to milestone the intermediate results to make sure that we are on the correct path.

“The major pharmaceutical companies seeking to acquire novel technologies or new drugs from young biopharmaceuticals may opt for partnering with biopharmaceuticals rather than acquiring them”.

“A study by Bain & Company found that the pharmaceutical companies delivering the most shareholder return made strategic acquisitions to supplement their own declining research and development budgets (R&D).”

“About 70% of the industry’s new sales today come from drugs originated in small companies, up from 30% in 1990, according to the Boston Consulting Group. And new-drug approvals are up from the low levels of just a few years ago.”

There is no clinical tryout at the moment of MuTaTo in Israel or outside of Israel.

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    Our team are research scientists (Ph.D.) and are not attending Dr.

    We are working now for the 20th year entering our 21th year of R&D effort (in June 2022).

    We don’t have a Clinique and we can not advise nor refer to any specific case.

    We initially intend to target: lung, colon, head & neck cancers.

    The treatment, in any case, has to be individually adapted to the patient.

    We are a small team and have an influx of e-mail.

    We try to answer at least initial emails but can not promise it.

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