Peptides are coming

Peptides are coming

Anti-infective Peptides Market to Benefit from Elevated Research Initiatives from Key Companies

Mr. Nachiket Ghumare 5,665

Posted via Industry Today.

"The global anti-infective peptides market is driven by the increasing resistance of pathogens to drugs currently available in the market. The overuse of antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral drugs has led to a high level of drug resistance in several key pathogen groups. This has led firms in the global peptides market to seek innovative products that will overcome this key challenge.

Peptides are extensively used in biotechnology and medicine. They act as an endocrine signal or a neurotransmitter for regulation of most physiological processes. Peptides are being examined as having the potential to treat several medical conditions such as diabetes. At present, there are 60 peptide drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Furthermore, the use of peptides to treat various infections is currently rising and several key players in the market are involved in these initiatives."

“In the past few years, phage display technologies were deployed to create monoclonal antibodies targeted against inflammatory or cancer disease targets. Furthermore, patent disputes impeded the broad use of this technology and contributed to the dearth of candidates during the 1990s. However, phase display technology is now recognized as a powerful tool for choosing novel peptides and antibodies capable of binding to a wide range of antigens from whole cells to proteins and lipid targets. This technology to discover novel therapeutics for infectious conditions will further boost the global anti-infective peptides market. Furthermore, improvement in manufacturing, screening, and humanization methods will in turn make a significant contribution to the development of peptides.”

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